Stone Arch Sessions: Micah Schnabel & Vanessa Jean Speckman w/Christopher Gold

We're looking forward to hosting our old friends Micah Schnabel, Vanessa Jean Speckman, and Christopher Gold for an unmatched evening of songwriting and visual art.


Tuesday, April 9, 2024


7:00 pm


The Taproom

Doors - 5pm - Music 7pm - $15

Micah Schnabel is a singer/songwriter and author from Columbus, Ohio. He has been the frontman of Two Cow Garage since the band’s conception 21 years ago producing 7 records and touring 150-200 days out of the year nationally and internationally. Exploring his solo career for the past ten years, Schnabel has created 4 full length records and 2 eps. In 2018, Schanbel’s first novel, Hello My Name Is Henry, was published on White Gorilla Press. His latest full length record “The Teenage Years Of The 21st Century” was released in 2019. Schnabel released his most recent single Dirtbag” in September 2022. Schnabel’s second novel “The Clown Watches The Clock” will be released in November 2023 followed by a new solo record of the same title.

Vanessa Jean Speckman is a visual artist and writer living in Columbus, Ohio originally from the Bay Area, California. She works with the alphabet and multiple mediums as a method for navigating connections with people, day to day experiences and being alive. She explores vulnerability through words expressed on tangible and wearable art via paint, leather and lace.

Speckman has toured nationally and internationally, bringing her nomadic art and pop up shows from dive bars to galleries. She hopes with her unconventional approach, to dismantle the norms of how we interact with art. Speckman has worked with Julien Baker, Frank Turner, John Moreland and July Talk.

Christopher a Kentucky-born singer/songwriter who calls Appleton home. He does his best to carry on the long tradition in folk music of shows that blend songs with storytelling and humor. He once played a festival with John Prine and even though his name is all the way at the bottom of the poster you can fold just right and it looks like they’re best friends.


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