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Let's Build a Brewery

Built from cream city brick with a limestone foundation harvested from High Cliff State Park, our locally sourced roots date back to 1858 when Anton Fischer, a visionary German immigrant settled in the area. With a steadfast determination, he not only contributed to the construction of the Fox River canal system but also left an indelible mark on Outagamie County by establishing its very first brewery. Despite Puritan opposition, the citizens of Appleton were able to savor the delights of the brewery's fine libations.


Beer Garden

Anton sold the Fischer Brewery to Carl Muench, a young foreman from the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company in Milwaukee. Carl added the popular outdoor beer garden that came to be known as an “institution” in Appleton, Wisconsin.



In a fateful turn of events, our beloved building fell victim to a devastating fire. Yet, through sheer determination and unwavering commitment, they salvaged what remained and swiftly rebuilt. In a testament to their resilience, brewing operations resumed in the very same year.


Walter Brewing Company

The Walter Brewing Company, founded by George Walter, became the proud owner of the brewery. However, the winds of change blew fiercely during the Prohibition Era, forcing doors to temporarily close. But with the repeal of the law in 1929 for Wisconsin and nationally in 1933, the Walter Brewing Company rose from the ashes, bringing forth Adler Brau, a mild and refreshing lager that soared to unparalleled popularity in the region. From the 1930s to the 1970s, this remarkable brew reigned supreme, making its name a permanent part of Appleton’s brewing history.


The end of an era

In 1974, a bittersweet chapter came to a close as George Walter Brewing Company shuttered its doors. Despite their dedication, the brewery found it challenging to compete with the extensive sales and marketing resources of national beer giants. The iconic brewery in downtown Appleton was dismantled, making way for the transformation of the space into the renowned "Between the Locks" Mall.


Adler Brau Returns

Adler Brau found a new home and a new lease on life as the Adler Brau Brewery and Restaurant. This exciting revival marked a significant milestone, as it became Wisconsin's third-ever brewpub, embracing the spirit of craft brewing and the joy of sharing exceptional beers with the community.


Stone Cellar Brewpub is Born

In 2004, father and son partners, Tom and Steve Lonsway, assumed the reins of the brewery and restaurant, breathing new life into the historic establishment. With this transition, Stone Cellar Brewpub emerged as a beacon of tradition and innovation, proudly becoming the oldest, continually operating Brewpub in Wisconsin.


Small Batches

Armed with passion and an old but trustworthy brewhouse, we embarked on our brewing journey. One seven-barrel (217 gallon) batch at a time, we carefully crafted our beers, focusing on quality and flavor. Starting with an annual production of 528 barrels, our brews found their way to our to customers at our brewpub and select local bars, bringing joy to beer enthusiasts near and far.



In 2009, Stone Cellar Brewpub embarked on a transformative journey towards sustainability. With a firm commitment to our planet and community, we set out to reduce waste, conserve energy, and support local farmers. Through innovative practices, we achieved an impressive 80% waste reduction, diverting spent grain to feed animals and embracing composting. We also made strides in energy efficiency, replacing outdated appliances with eco-friendly alternatives and switching to 100% wind-powered energy offset.



After only five years as Stone Cellar Brewpub, our brewery’s production is nearly maxed out as we begIn supplying over fifty different bars with our beer.


Local Expansion

Stone Cellar had made a large number of connections with local farms and suppliers and we were able to switch all our meats to better options. All of our beef became all-natural and certified humane, including a 100% grass fed burger. Our chicken became all-natural, free range, and hormone free. We also started our organic and local salad bar for lunch.


Stone Arch

In response to the growing demand for our beer, Stone Cellar Brewery underwent an exciting expansion and due to trademarking concerns we transformed into Stone Arch Brew House and started producing bottled beer for wider distribution. With our brewery nearly doubling in size and production capacity tripling, we were proud to share our craft with over 100 bars and restaurants.


Unifying Stone Arch

In February 2017 we condensed our name to Stone Arch Brewpub to align our brands. We still offer the same great beers, same great menu items and still operate under the same ownership.


Tied House

In 2022, we expanded our horizons and opened Stone Arch Tied House in Little Chute. This new dining location boasts a catering kitchen and offers the same exceptional beers that you know and love from our brewpub. But that's not all! Stone Arch Tied House features its own unique vibe and delectable menu offerings. Plus, we've even created a special treat for our furry friends—a fenced-in dog park where they can frolic and play while you enjoy your time with us.


Current Production

We're proud to share that we currently produce over 2000 barrels of our finest brews each year, all brewed on our original seven-barrel direct fire brew house. From the southern reaches of the Wisconsin-Illinois border to the scenic northern parts of Wisconsin, our beer finds its way to the glasses of beer enthusiasts far and wide.



Stone Arch Brewpub collaborates with talented Lawrence University graduate, Matt Lowe (Check One Two), to revitalize and enhance our brand identity. With nearly 20 years of rich history, we believe it's time to weave our story into a cohesive and compelling narrative. Together with Matt, we brought a fresh perspective to showcase our journey and the essence of Stone Arch Brewpub.

Learn about the brewery

Are you ready to explore the heart and soul of Stone Arch Brewpub? Follow the link below to immerse yourself in the world of our handcrafted beers, savor our diverse menu, and embrace the essence of "Taste the Legacy, Embrace the Craft." Delve into the passion, the innovation, and the camaraderie that define our brewery.

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